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One of the oldest and most popular e-commerce for Gujarati books”

Our Story

We are a passionate and determined group of professionals who wish to create an excellent buying experience for you by leveraging the best-of-breed technology. We spend our days and weeks researching how we can make your search for books faster and easier. Nothing excites us more than the satisfaction of our customers.

Mr. Amit Patel & Mr. Dharmesh Vyas founded this company/portal somewhere in February 2013. Within the first 6 months, they achieved rank successfully on Google with more than 5000 Gujarati books.

Dhoomkharidi.com is an exciting new way of buying Gujarati books online and we are the one who delivers Gujarati books worldwide starting from the smallest village to Metros and to any city/country in the world. While the idea itself is not new, we have rejuvenated it by offering low prices and an intuitive interface to help you search for all your favorite books. And, all this comes with excellent customer service that Gujarati buyers have always wished for but rarely got.

Moreover, upon demand, we started delivering some of the famous Gujarati snacks which can be ordered online and delivered to any part of the world.

When we say selling books online, “We don’t just sell books; we share knowledge, friendship, and pleasure with book lovers.”

We bring customer-friendly ideas from the brick and mortar stores online. We offer the casual browsing feature of these bookstores – segregation of books based on various classifications, easy access to detailed book information (and more features to come) – with a much larger number of books. We offer lightning-fast delivery, a friendly and reliable shopping experience and above all a database containing books in the Gujarati language written by any author, and published by any publisher, but we gathered them under one platform called Dhoomkharidi.com

We can assure you that we are working hard to make sure that you get your books at your doorstep, in time, and for prices that are lower than the local bookstores.

It is of course our passion for the Gujarati language and for Gujarati books that have brought us together and we strive to make sure that the fire of love within every booklover’s heart stays alive. But like every bookstore, we are incomplete without you. We want you to feel “at home” here. Tell us if you need something. Tell us if there is something you see wrong. Tell us if you have an idea for us. Feel free and just drop me an mail. We would love to hear from a fellow book lover.

Our customer service representatives are always standing by and offer full email support. You can request any book that might not be available with us at that particular moment, and we’ll do our best to get it for you. We believe that now you should not be deprived of that book you wanted but could not get your hands on.

Dhoomkharidi.com has a galaxy of more than 4000 Gujarati books from various Gujarati writers, some of the most outstanding and brilliant of them. To mention only a few leading names: Chandrakant Bakshi, Zaverchand Maghani, Chunilal Madia, Kundanika Kapadia, Suresh Dalal, Jivaram Joshi, Yashavant Mehta, Dinkar Joshi, Priyakant Parikh, Makrant Dave, Bhupat Vadodaria, Kanti Bhatt, Girish Ganatra and others.